Kitchen Tiles: Markham

Kitchen Tiles: Markham
The kitchen is the heart of the home and the hub of family life. No matter who is doing the cooking or the eating, the kitchen is central to how we live. Given how much use it gets, perhaps your kitchen deserves a makeover. You could renovate and revamp, but that is time-consuming and very costly. Another option is to redecorate; some fresh paint and tile can rejuvenate your kitchen and give it a whole new look.
Fortunately for Markham homeowners, there are several first class suppliers of natural stone tiles who service the area. Although there are many different types of tile, stone is an excellent choice for many reasons, including:
  • Durability. Stone is forever. This building material has been used for thousands of years and it endures.
  • 100% Natural. Manmade materials can contain harmful chemicals or cause dangerous off-gassing. Stone tile is healthy for your family.
  • Strength. Stone tiles can withstand extreme temperatures and are not adversely affected by water spillage or kitchen accidents.
  • Variety. Stone comes in many different types and colours, from plain to heavily patterned, from white to iron red and mustard yellow to ebony.
  • Beauty. Stone tiles add beauty and natural warmth to any space.
Types of Stone Tiles
There are three premium kinds of tiles, including:
  1. Marble;
  2. Granite; and
  3. Limestone.
Marble is still the choice for those who want an elegant, luxurious look. Its smooth texture and rich colour give any kitchen a chic, high-end appearance. Marble tile is available in various colours, some of them with high contrast between the base colour and the vein. Marble costs a little more to install, but it adds great value – both aesthetic and monetary – to your home.
Granite is perhaps the most common stone tile. Granite is also available in a wide variety of colours, such as classic "salt and pepper,” base colours with dramatic patterns and shimmering blue Bahia. Granite is easy to care for and affordable.
Limestone includes several different types of stone, including travertine. These tiles are generally available in subtle beiges and neutral shades. Limestone is more prone to staining than other types of stone, but with proper care it, too, will last for generations.
Almost as important as the stone itself is the finish of the tile. There are several finishes available, including polished, which lends natural stone tile a smooth and glossy look. Other finishes include aged, brushed, antiqued, filled, rubbed, sandblasted, tooled and the quaint-sounding sparrow-pecked. Each of these types of stone can be run through a tumbling machine, giving the stone a rustic look and feel.
Designing With Tile
Stone tile is very versatile. You can use it sparingly to create a backsplash, or you can make a statement by using it on large areas of your walls. Many people use stone tile on the floor, making it a major design element of the kitchen, while others use it to finish countertops or islands. Stone tile can be used on any or all of these surfaces to create the look you've been dreaming of.
Beautiful, natural stone tile can revitalize your kitchen, adding beauty, durability and elegance to the most important room in the house.